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I'm a New Jersey/NYC-based journalist/writer. 

Born in India, raise in "Murrica, I've been a language arts junkie since ESL classes. After killing it in every subject, except for mathematics, I found myself writing for my college newspaper, The Observer, at Rutgers-Newark (because I like to live on the edge). After writing my first piece of [published] journalism on the season finale of "Dexter,"—the rest is history. I've interned at Inked Magazine, profiling tatted entrepreneurs, had a Research Assistant gig thanks to my love for econ, and was a staff reporter/freelancer for local news. My so-far, so-good career in media has taken me to where my heart truly lies: digital journalism (yes, CMS and SEO give me butterflies). As an editorial assistant at health & wellness TV network, Veria Living, I was a full-time writer—dabbling in fitness, beauty, lifestyle, and sustainable living—as well as video publishing and e-marketing. As a social media editor, I also wrote and managed six social media platforms, creating successful campaigns and growing organic traffic. Aside from editorial, I have dabbled in HTML coding, photography, a lovely amount of marketing, and some graphic design. 

When I'm not writing articles, my passions include standing in downward dog too long, mud runs, trying the latest fad diets (and failing miserably), baking cheesecakes, swinging my kettlebell, writing sci-fi short stories, quoting "Nacho Libre," trying not to get into an arranged marriage, and jamming at concerts





I am available for freelance reporting and writing. Please contact me at:

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